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Incoming Authorization Form for Loan Payments

I (we) acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions to my/our account must comply with the provisions of US law.

I (we) hereby authorize Chief Financial to initiate a debit entry to my/our: *     Savings     Checking     Visa / Mastercard

Financial Institution Transferring From:

Transferring to Chief Financial:

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All one-time transfers will take place in the next 1-2 business days. Future transfers are unable to be processed.


† Effective Date is the date payment will credit your Chief Financial loan.

Transfer will occur monthly on the business date prior to effective date until a Cancellation Request is submitted (option below) or the Credit Union is notified in writing.


Please cancel the above payment effective immediately. *Note: 3-5 business days prior to transfer are needed before cancellation can be processed

*      I have read and accept the terms and conditions.

I authorize Chief Financial Federal Credit Union to initiate the above entry(s) to my account. This is an authenticated authorization that serves as an electronic record, which is a contract or other record created, generated, sent, communicated, received, or stored by electronic means. I have signature authority to this account or have been authorized by an individual who has signature authority to this account to authorize this entry.

Please Note: There will be a $35 fee charged to your Financial Institution for any returned payment.

Please click Authorize Payment to submit your payment information.